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Ice Melt

At Ashland Chemicals we stock a range of professional quality snow and ice melt products that have been specifically designed to enable you to clear snow and ice quickly and efficiently.

Our unique ice melt formula rapidly removes snow, ice and frost and can keep areas clear for several days. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, ice melt ensures that your pathways, drives and other areas remain safe during the winter and prevents injury to family, visitors to your premises or customers of your business due to them slipping on the the ice.

With our ice melt products you are able to keep your business open and running during even the worst weather, meaning that you are able to stay profitable when others may be forced to close because employees or customers cannot access the premises due to ice or snow. Ice melt also significantly reduces the risk of legal action being brought against you by keeping paths and walkways safe and clear from ice and snow.

What is Ice Melt?

Ice melt is available in either a traditional rock salt based mix, a non-salt based urea mix or as a super ice melt calcium chloride and urea blend.

Our value snow salt is a rock salt based mix that has been prepared using a special formula with no added sand or grit. This makes the snow salt safe to handle and means that it leaves no mess or dirt once the snow and ice has melted.

Our most popular product in this category is the non-salt based urea based ice melt. This is an incredibly fast acting and effective way to melt ice and snow and is the preferred option for professional use at locations such as airports and commercial areas. It is produced using a non-caustic and non-corrosive formula that will not damage tarmac, concrete or grass. It will also leave internal floors undamaged if the ice melt is brought indoors on shoes or boots. Urea based ice melt is non toxic and safe for both humans and animals. It will leave no mess or dirt behind once the ice has melted and so is the ideal choice for keeping areas clean, safe and free from ice during the winter.

Our ice melt products are available to purchase in bulk quantities for outstanding value. Ice melt is also available supplied in 25kg resealable kegs which keeps the ice melt preserved until it is required. This means that our snow and ice melt can be stored between use so that you are well prepared for any unpredictable snow, ice or heavy frost.

Please browse our range of ice melt products above. If you have any queries about ice melt or require any further information, our professional and efficient customer services team will be delighted to help you. Please call us on 028 777 67 007.